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CII NATIONAL HR CONCLAVE 2017: Co-creating HR Next

The business world of today is grappling with numerous challenges on multiple fronts namely Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Social. Uncertainty is a commonplace and the next big disruption can hit any moment from any anywhere. The business world has embraced some interesting business models, a changing talent landscape, improved channels of communication and the quintessential digital revolution, all of which has forced organizations to unlearn the legacy systems and become future ready and equipped to radically evolve to meet the changing needs. The challenges faced by the HR function is also manifold. The immediate challenge is to create an agile HR processes within the overall strategic plan of the organization. Also there is a gradual shift in the role from “building an organizational structure” to actively “build organizational ecosystems and networks” that facilitate newer ways of working, in alignment with the business needs of the organization. On the tal…